To friendships, & a million more!

I’ve had the privilege of knowing a lot of people
in my short span on this planet.

Some, I chose to keep as acquaintances.
Some, I chose to share teeny bits of my daily life with.

Some, I had the honour of calling my besties.
Some called me theirs, even though I didn’t reciprocate.

Some, I ran away from.
Like, literally, ran away from them.
Avoided them, like the plague.

Some stayed away from me,
even though I didn’t want them to.

Some, I was a bitch to.
Some, loved to bitch with me.
Some, who bitched about me.

Then were those (guys) who considered me one of them.
(where I most often got bro-zoned)
cos I wasn’t like the ‘other’ girls!

And then, there were the girl friends,
who were jealous of that bond I shared with ’em boys! (sigh)

Some best friends who grew apart.
Some strangers who connected instantly,
like we’d been been friends forever.

Some who had grown apart,
but picked up exactly where we left off.

School friends.
Building friends.
Tuition friends.
Cousins, who doubled up as friends.
College friends.
Train friends.
Office friends.
Gym Buddies.
Networking for Business.

And somewhere down the line, as I saw myself enter each new life stage,
the quantity of my friends got smaller.
But the quality of those relationships,
especially with my chosen few, were superior.

There will always be that one friend who understands how ‘motivated’ you really are to go for that 100th squat at the gym… and will ensure you get to that point, with her.

Or that one person who knows exactly how to deal with this current mood. And fix it instantly!

or those who encourage you to take that first step into entrepreneurship.

Or that bunch of women who share a common love for spirituality, which you can’t imagine discussing with anyone else but them.

Or those that are go crazy with you, and you don’t have to worry about anyone judging you when you’re with them.

And I believe that the compassion & empathy ‘girl’ friends can give you, is unmatched! There’s nothing that a heartwarming ‘awwwwww’ or a soothing hug, or maybe even just a patient, listening ear can’t set straight.

I love ’em, my tribe of women, who always rally around me, even when I don’t think I need it!

I wonder, who can ever have enough of women friends?

Looking forward to making many more lasting ties
with strong, beautiful powerful women around me!



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